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Tax Resolution

Many people owe federal, state or local taxes that they simply cannot afford to pay. This can happen as a result of business struggles during a recession, retirement account withdrawals, or underpayment of estimated tax or other income taxes. If you are behind on taxes, you may be afraid of wage garnishments or levies, seizure of your property or other serious consequences. The Missouri attorneys at the Law Office of Tracy A. Brown can evaluate your situation and potentially help you avoid more drastic penalties and consequences arising from back taxes.


While tax debts should never be taken lightly, you have options for dealing with tax problems. As tax attorneys, we can examine your situation and help you develop a solution. 

Tax Debt Lawyer St. Louis

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Tax professionals from The Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, P.C. provide affordable and convenient tax preparation services this tax season. Filing services include help with downloading and understanding your W-2 form, identifying applicable tax deductions, filing your tax return and much more.


Schedule an appointment today so that you can save time and money by using the tax preparation services at The Law Office of Tracy A. Brown P.C.

Traffic Representation

If you have been issued a speeding ticket or cited for running a red light or another traffic infraction in Missouri, you may be penalized with fines, points on your license and increased insurance premiums. While it is appropriate in some cases to simply pay a ticket (which is, in effect, to plead guilty), it may be in your best interests to fight a ticket.


Know your rights, get representation that can navigate the Saint Louis County and St. Louis city traffic laws. Contact us for help with traffic violations.

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