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Why do some people lose assets in bankruptcy?

You might say: “I heard that some people have filed without an Attorney” “I heard some commercials for really cheap Law Firms” “I think my case is really simple”

You should ask: How do I choose a good Attorney? Under the new law, filing a Bankruptcy case is a lot more work than before and there are a lot of complicated areas and questions that seem tricky. We are with you every step of the way. Your only Court appearance is the Creditor’s Meeting. However…

1) We go to Court a lot and we see cases filed by other Law Firms. The Creditor’s Meeting is where we have seen many others get into trouble.

2) If you do not have a Firm that spends the time to ask you a lot of questions, there are surprises at the Creditor’s Meeting.

3) In life, most surprises are good. However, in Bankruptcy a surprise is the last thing we want.

4) All cases are not the same and if anyone says that they are, you should run… fast.

5) If someone says all cases are the same, what they are really saying is that what they do for you is the same as what they do for everyone else. If you need more, too bad.

6) Is that what you want?

7) At The Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, P.C., our goal is to already know every answer you will give to every question the Trustee will ask.

8) That is being prepared.

9) That is what good representation is all about. That is why we offer a Money Back Guarantee. If the Trustee finds anything that we overlooked and you have to surrender property, we will refund $100 of your Attorney’s Fee! Just ask us.

10) That is how you Free Your Future From Your Past!

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