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How Can I Afford to Pay for a Good Bankruptcy Attorney?

How Can I Afford to Pay for A Good Attorney?

Pay your bills in a way that benefits YOU and not your creditors.

When you file Bankruptcy, you are saying that you no longer plan to make payments to the unsecured creditors listed in your case. So when do you stop paying? ▪ After you file? ▪ The day you file?

You should stop paying when you decide to file and don’t delay filing!

What’s wrong with delay? ▪ Things change! ▪ The Law changes periodically! ▪ Any advice we give you now may change in the future.

▪ When you delay, you risk having new issues to deal with when your case is filed.

When you decide to file: ▪ Continue to pay for things you want to keep like your auto or house. ▪ Stop using your credit cards if you haven’t already stopped. ▪ The day you decide to file is the day you decide to make your money work for YOU!

▪ Would you pay $1,000 to get $10,000? ▪ Would you pay $3,000 to get $50,000?

Add up all of your bills. How much do you owe? ▪ $10,000? ▪ $20,000? ▪ $50,000? ▪ More?

Instead of making monthly payments on those bills, you can start using that money to get your case filed. Bankruptcy keeps you from having to pay any more of this debt. It’s keeping the money in your pocket. It’s a sure thing. No casino, lottery ticket or even the best financial planner can guarantee what Bankruptcy can. When you pay your Bankruptcy fees, you have a guaranteed change in your financial picture.

You might say: “I wasn’t making all those payments every month anyway”. If you continue to miss or make late payments, your creditors will turn your accounts over to collection agencies and then law firms. Garnishments are just around the corner. That’s when the creditors take the money from you. Is that what you want? Before this happens, you can decide what to do with your money.

You can either pay the fees to file your Bankruptcy case now or let a garnishment take your money and then you will still need to pay for your Bankruptcy case.

It’s harder to pay for your Bankruptcy case when you are being garnished!

If you are not working now, you don’t want your wages garnished at your new job and you surely don’t want your new employer to be notified that you have a garnishment.


Here at the Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, we work with clients to create a payment plan that works for them! We offer personalized service and results. If you're in St. Louis county and struggling with debts, the best option for you is to contact us at (314) 644-0303.

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