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Stop the Stress: Retaining with Tracy

Free Your Future from Your Past!!

Do you want to relax?

At the Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, we offer a free consultation to review your options for filing bankruptcy in St. Louis. After your consultation, you can retain us as counsel to prepare and file your bankruptcy documents and attending the meeting of creditors and related court hearings. Once retained, clients can pay the remainder of the affordable bankruptcy attorney fees in installments. Retaining puts you on the path to stopping the calls and the stress.

BENEFITS of RETAINING- Initial $100 covers:

  1. YOUR peace of mind knowing you have taken the first step to financial freedom

  2. Providing you the necessary documents to move forward, instructions on what to do about creditors' calls (immediately), and getting you to the next steps: credit counseling, credit report, reviewing documents, & debtor education

  3. Your file is setup in our system as “retained”

  4. "Retained” means immediately shielding YOU (our Client) from creditor calls. Upon retaining, TAB, PC authorizes you to give out our name and phone number to any and all creditors that you choose. TAB, PC will confirm to any and all creditors who call that you have retained, that the creditor should stop contacting you and check back with us at a later date to obtain the bankruptcy case number. You are shielded as long as you continue to make progress.

Billing covers:

  1. Time spent (at the retaining appointment) reviewing the full package of information that you need to complete.

  2. Monitoring file for follow-up contact with you regarding document and case status

  3. Any and all work done to assist you in making progress. We are with you!!

Since 1997, the St. Louis attorneys at The Law Office of Tracy A. Brown, P.C., have helped hundreds in Saint Louis stop creditors from harassing, garnishing, and threatening clients through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings that alleviate excessive debt. Contact us today to free your future from your past.

NOTE: FREE consultation ends at 30 minutes or when you decide to retain (whichever is sooner).

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